3rd Floor Views

With some nice clear days finally, and stairs rather than sketchy ladders, I managed to go up and get some pictures of the 3rd floor views. A few new mountains have come into view though in this photos you probably can’t make that sort of detail. ICF is supposed to start back by the end of this upcoming week, pool shell any day now, I’ve been doing a lot of work in the garden already, and we’ve been working on doing the trusses in the great hall – which deserve their own post so I won’t post their pictures here.











  1. Love the view!!!! With the nice weather, it must feel good to work in the garden. I am a chicken fan myself….have fun planning the coop. Thanks again for the updates. Make it a good one..😊😊

  2. what a fine progress you have here, i am very happy for you! mind me asking about the cost of construction so far? (excluding land, furniture and labor) i seem to have missed it. thank you.

    • Ishmael says:

      I’m not going to share budget specifics like that. But I will say that with the level of finishing I’m doing, when you factor in architectural and engineering costs, you’re looking at $200-$400 a sq/ft. It could be done for less.

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