Basement Concrete Slab Pour

In two separate pours I now have a thick basement concrete slab. Something to walk on, soon it will have something above it too and it’ll feel a bit like a house perhaps.

It is cool though, to go from dirt floor to concrete floor, psychologically it is a big step.

Things still progress slower than I would like, I get really jealous when I see a stick framed house go up in a week with all the framing (decently big houses too). I originally thought we’d have a roof on by now, and instead we don’t even have a first floor. The first floor should be started, started, next week though. it’ll take over a month to finish it. I think it’ll be December before the 2nd floor is started, and I would consider myself lucky at that point.

I’m also very anxiously awaiting the backfill of the foundation, as a gardener I have an intense interest in how the land ends up.









  1. As an ex contractor myself from Canada, now living in the highlands of Scotland, I am often very suprised at how long things take to get done these days. When I had contracts, time was essential and would never accept these kinds of delays and over my 30+ years in the business, I developed a good list of sub-trades and suppliers that I could depend on.
    I see in some of the photos that steele had to be cut / removed. Sorry that had to happen. It should not have and someone was asleep at the helm for this to happen.
    Still, I am very jealous that you can do this and cannot wait for the finished photos. Your design is very similar to one that I had been thinking of using if we choose to move back to Canada. We have seen some ocean front land in Nova Scotia that are cliffs. It would be very dramatic to have a castle built right on the cliff overlooking the ocean. To be able to sit and watch the whales, etc. during the day would be amazing.
    Patrick Balfour

  2. Yippee!!!! So glad you have forward moving progress. I still want to drive by your place. I am on baby watch right now….but after they are born I WILL go take a peek. Thanks for sharing with us!!!!!

  3. Just popping in so you know im still following your build :) im getting so excited and its not even my house. I don’t know how you can stand the anticipation. I’d be climbing the walls.

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