Excavation Time Lapse Video

They started this week doing footings finally up on the mountain, I’ll post more about that when I get some better pictures, so the ball is rolling now, and hopefully it doesn’t stop.

We swapped out the memory card on the time lapse camera we installed so I pulled out the excavation work that was done last summer. It doesn’t quite start at the very very beginning of the dirt work, but fairly close. You can see them dig us a hole. The little nub they leave is for the pool.


  1. Just found your site today and I see things are happening for you, will be fun to watch your build progress! We broke ground on our non-castle on Saturday, but I have a feeling we’ll be finished before you, being about a 1/4th of the size and all 😉 Best wishes with the build!

  2. So I’ve been trying to decide between an excavator, backhoe and skid steer for purchase down the line when I build my castle. Do you have any input on which is most useful to you during this process on the property? From the video it doesn’t look like the backhoe was used very much… Thanks!! Looking great so far. I always look forward to your updates!

    • Ishmael says:

      I didn’t do this myself you know. But the excavator was used the most certainly, and in fact halfway through they had to upgrade the size to get through some of the more rockish type dirt. I can’t imagine purchasing ANY of them would be a wise move though when you don’t need it for other things (I assume), just rent it when needed. That is what the guy who did my lot did, he rented the larger size when when needed. When we needed a hoe ram to break up rock they also rented that.

  3. Alison B says:

    Hello, I was in the process of purchasing land and was thinking of course what you were as of building a castle. I Was looking for a full concrete castle. And my question I have for you is… What is the square feet of your castle. And if you don’t mind me asking not trying to be rude. But, approx. what are we looking at for budget? I keep thinking it wont cost me as much as I think but how many people do we really know who have built a castle to tell me? Any info would be great and where can I see the finished product? It looks like these are fairly old post.

    • Ishmael says:

      Square feet is hard to calculate because we have a lot of garages and other such spaces that are unfinished. For a full concrete castle like I’m doing I would expect to pay $3-400 a square foot when all is said and done. You could possibly do it for less if you cut some level of detail, or for instance used stucco instead of stone on the exterior.

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