First Concrete Walls Poured

Up until now we’ve been forming the walls, but now, now they are starting to be poured. That makes them permanent I suppose.

The ICF forms, while up to the final height for the basement, are still being tinkered with, having embeds and other things put in for holding up the floor system. But that will be done soon and they will start to pour those. Yesterday though they started pouring the back pool patio walls. Our entire pool patio, to put it on the same level as the 1st floor, essentially is raised, with our garage underneath it. Here the construction is more like a parking garage, we’re doing plain poured walls (no sense using more expensive insulated ICF walls when you don’t plan to heat or cool the space), and the garage roof/patio floor will be hollowcore concrete planks (precast concrete planks hoisted up by a crane) directly supported by the walls.

In a few days the forms will be pulled down and we’ll be left with large monolithic concrete walls, and they really are large, because they go all the way down to the footings, which are about two feet below the grade of the eventual slab that will make the floor of the garage.

Once all the walls are poured, gravel is placed on top of all the dirt, then the plumbers and electricians do any slab rough-ins they need done, the slab is poured, the 1st floor truss system and patio hollowcore planks are put on, the foundation is backfilled all around, and we start on the 1st floor.










  1. its moving right along! Have you had the chance to speak with the workers much? I imagine it isnt every day they build a castle so they must be pretty excited about it. I was curious what if anything they may have said about it to you

  2. I’m currently designing my own castle which will be built out of concrete as well.

    Your project is fun to follow and I look forward to seeing your forms come off to reveal the first permanent walls.

  3. I will be in Tennessee for 3 months. Will I be able to go up the mountain and see the progress? I will be in Dayton. Have you moved down yet? How did the cats do? Looking forward to seeing the progress.

  4. We are moved down, there hasn’t been a whole lot of visible progress, first basement walls poured July 2nd… and they are just now finishing them… The cats did fine. Its right on a public road so you could drive buy it.

    • Thank you for taking the time to answer. As a young woman, I would draw up castle plans. Those are long gone, so my passion can be realized as I follow your progress. Thanks!!!!!

  5. Leisa Ketchledge says:

    Hello! I was curious how much you’ve spent so far? My fiance and I are looking to buying land and building our own castle right outside a small town in the middle of Illinois. By the way the castle is looking amazing so far and I love your updates.

  6. evillordsmurfy says:

    Any updates in the last two months?

  7. Evillordsmurfy says:

    Have you had any progress over the past two months? This is such an awesome home building project.

  8. Evillordsmurfy says:

    Any word on when we’ll see some new images on your awesome dream home? My wife and I love following this because we also want to build a castle in the future.

  9. Westly Smith says:

    I didn’t know that gravel was placed on top of the dirt after the walls were poured. What is the purpose of the gravel? Is it to give the structure traction? I don’t have very much experience with concrete. Thanks for the information!

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