First Structural Steel Installed

Over last weekend the first structural steel (heavy duty, beams and posts) was installed… finally. I felt like we’ve been spinning our tires since early July. Some things have been happening, we had underslab plumbing and electrical work put in, the holes drilled for our geothermal HVAC system, but actual upward construction was in a holding pattern while some engineering kinks were worked out.

Finally, though things are starting to happen again – but now… now I don’t know when I’ll get to move in, it has been 6 months since we got our loan and we’re still on basement walls. It needs to start moving faster. I wanted the roof to be on by Christmas and I just don’t see that happening now (and that matters, because Winter).

Now though we have this steel stretching into the sky and you can see the height of the…2nd floor. Yes, some of these upright steel posts are supposed to go higher, to the roof, but it wasn’t advisable to have them installed sticking up like that quite yet so they will be put up in sections. This height is only to the 2nd floor floor (or just above it), we’ve got 2 more floors to go. I wanted them to install the final height of the steel, so I could get an appreciation for the final height of the building, but I understand the reasons not to (it just isn’t safe, they get in the way of the concrete boom truck, etc.)

Today, they are pouring the basement slab finally, it will be done in sections, the final section being done on Friday. Next week we should start getting the first floor floor on, then we can backfill the foundation and start putting up the first floor walls.










  1. Todd Volante says:

    I am glad to hear that the work is finally happening but it has to be frustrating with the delays. Looking forward to the next update!!

  2. I’m glad things are starting to move forward again. I’ve been checking back regularly and will continue to do so. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  3. Like Ashlie, I check in often and am so glad you’re sharing the progress. It’s been fascinating to follow and I wish you the best! :)

  4. George P Burdell says:

    Your castle and design work is amazing. Your getting to fulfill one of my dreams. Please keep up the posting as it is fun to watch.

  5. John Snache says:

    I’m happy I came back to check! I understand the desire to see the full height, I was hoping the same thing! I don’t know if you are interested, but it would be cool to see some photospheres of the work, to get a full feel of the size of this.

    If you download the Google Camera on your phone, it lets you take photos of a sphere around you, which really gives a feel of what the place is like. At the bottom of this page there’s an example (use your mouse to look around):

    Anyways, reading about this project has been super cool and I look forward to your updates!

  6. I love getting the updates from you guys! So excited for you! It is looking amazing!
    Knowing you guys are building your own castles inspires me and gives me confidence that my husband and I can build our own castle one day too! Thank-you for sharing your journey 😀
    Love Mrs B.

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