Its a wrap…

Still no roof, but we’re so close I can taste it. We have our roof decking, just not our membrane, things are starting to get flashed. We’re close, and oh so close to windows too, windows!

But the final silhouette of the castle is basically there, and it is a sight. The only thing missing are the conical turrets for the front towers, which are on site, just on the ground, we are building them on the ground and will hoist them up with a crane. It is safer that way.

So we’ve gotten finally almost completely wrapped with Tyvek, it is now a bright white beacon on the hill, and the masons are making good progress on the stone (though there is so very much to do). No finished pool yet, or greenhouse, or skylight. No doors installed yet, though soon on those as well. We did just get a massive driveway gate, it is just the metal framework now but once I put wood on it it’ll look like the gate from Jurassic Park.

So, here is how things look now:











And since we’ve got decking on those flat-roofed fourth floor towers, I can provide what would be the fifth floor views, if there was a fifth floor.








  1. Absolutely stunning!!!!! Thrilled for the progress!! Must make you feel giddy the masonry is moving forward. Your vision is coming into view!!!! As always, thank you for sharing your dream!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Do we get to participate in the celebration feast when this beast is finished?

  3. Soundra says:

    Thanks for sharing. It’s looking nice, Do you have any pictures of the inside? Would love to see how the inside is coming along.

  4. looking good

  5. Evillordsmurfy says:

    Very cool to see it really taking shape.

  6. Michael J Newton says:

    Hi i love this castle building plan, is there a way to show the floorplans of this castle online i love to have one built like your with some modifications.

    • I don’t share the full floor plans for obvious reasons. I don’t want the thieves to know where all the trap doors and boobytraps are.

  7. Looks great. Really excited for you. Appreciate the updates as always.

  8. Ishmael, if you have a need for a European flair for any floral arrangements, I have a great friend from Germany who is amazing!!! She lives in the Dayton area.

  9. Evillordsmurfy says:

    Ishmael, this project is only in the 2-2.5mill price range?

  10. Hi Chris. Patti here, Dr. Annie Williams’ mom. Have you heard about the castle they’re building using only tools made in (I think) the Middle Ages? Thought you might get a kick out of this.

    Annie and I oooh and ahhh over your posts. It’s nice to see such great progress.

  11. Dying for another update!

  12. This is absolutely astounding. Huge kudos and I hope that the next time I check back, it’ll be complete. Good luck!!!

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