Ready for Drywall

I need to do an update, there are reasons why I haven’t.

Reason 1: It has been sort of depressing. Work has not progressed as fast as I’d like. When we got our HVAC contractor nailed down in December I was told it could be 4-6 weeks for drywall, you’ll notice it is now almost May. We’ve had masonry issues as well I will discuss in another post. So to go up and look around and see almost no work done is depressing and so I don’t want to go up as often. There is also less to talk about because things aren’t getting done.

Reason 2: I’ve been incredibly busy with kids and family stuff. I coached a whole YMCA basketball season, now my son has baseball and up to 3 games a week, plus traveling for business and traveling to visit family, and watching a baby during the day as my wife gets more busy with her work (I’m the boss at my work, so I give myself kid duties most of the time since I can give myself the time off to do it.)

We finally got the sign off from the HVAC inspector 12 days ago for drywall, since then we’ve had a couple crews come up and leave, or say they’re going to show up and then don’t. There is too much construction going on in Chattanooga its hard to find people. So we have this drywall staged at each floor ready to hang but can’t find the guys to hang it. Then of course there are the people who want to give us the “castle price” but we can’t afford to pay that.

So we’re currently looking for drywall contractors, the job is big but it is broken up by floor and could be done a floor at a time. If anyone knows anyone please refer them.

So we have two and a half rooms with drywall hung, but not taped or mudded. Tile has been done in a few rooms and areas, the master bathroom is close to being done, and the cabinets for it are done but not yet installed. We have the interior doors on site, and a few are installed. We recently got a painter hired, which will be another fun blog post later. The big thing is interior stone is basically done and I want to take some pictures and do a separate post about that.

We’re so close to being able to finish up some rooms, and its frustrating that we’re having all these fits and starts trying to get it done, even the stone has had major delays. I just need something to go right for once.

So I need to do a post about the interior stone, and the stone in general, the masons, the HVAC, the tile, the interior doors, etc. But as we’ve just passed the 2 year mark on construction I just haven’t been feeling it as much. I thought we’d be in maybe by last November, hah, that we’re not in by May is incredulous to me, and I don’t know when the completion date is going to be. Not enough is happening on a daily basis to get us there.


  1. andy mendonsa says:

    Have you tried Dusty Nelson, Southern Drywall Inc., 423-421-5660? The non-profit i work for just recently completely restored a house built in the early 1900’s right around the mountain from your castle in the historic neighborhood of St Elmo. Dusty’s company did all of the framing, hung and finished the drywall and did the interior and exterior painting. They do really excellent work.

  2. Sending prayers for positive energy and blessings. May all your needs be met, and right on time!

  3. Lord Hay says:

    Hang in there!

    I’ve been reading since your financing post, and just wanted you to know even your quiet readers are gunning for you.

  4. I was worried for you, and am glad that nothing worse has happened — just frustrating delays which are absolutely to be expected. Lots of us are watching with interest, and would love to see some exterior photos and read about your design problems and solutions when you get a chance. Good on you.

  5. sharon wyman says:

    Oh no….such a shame you cant move forward faster. I wished I knew a crew to help you. I will be back out there in June and know I will be heading back up to see your progress. Here’s to your finding the crew you need. I was most certainly looking forward to an update. Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. Paul M says:

    Well, I hate saying it, but if the builder is contracting the work out… he would be in court quite quickly. Sans payment. I am a building contractor and I am amazed this thing isnt wrapped up yet. Its basically a full on commercial multi story project, and all contractors materials etc etc should have been lined up from word go. Reaching drywall stage with nobody to finish the project is a trip to crazy town, I seriously feel bad for you man. Its hard to point fingers though since I cant tell from your posts whether you are hiring the trades or your builder, it seems to be a mix. I have contractors for everything, especially at the scale you are building, but nothing for TN. Sorry to hear it. ps if the builder is hiring the trades, I would be talking to an attorney and going over the contract you signed with him.

    • Ishmael says:

      My builder is, but its largely not his fault, people just don’t want to work on something abnormal.

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