Stone Complete

The masons laid the last wall stone on March 28th 2018. The first had been laid on February 7th 2016. So it was over two years. It didn’t need to take so long but we had supplier problems and changed crews a couple times and had small crews generally. But the exterior stone is now done. Now we move to cleaning and landscaping. Spreading top soil, moving dirt, pouring the driveway. There is a splayed base that comes up the front that is going to be made of packed earth and rubble that needs to be done, but I include that in with the landscaping. So the home stretch. Of course still waiting on the pool to be finalized.

Below is a picture I took the day the last stone was applied. For those curious it was around the rectangular window to the left of the round window on the front right tower.


Then there are some pictures I took one day when we had excellent lighting.












  1. Miriam Thompson says:

    The castle is so beautiful! The colors of the rock used is stunning! I have been following this from the frustrating beginning. Should you be in need of any unique area rugs, I have loads of contacts. Will you consider giving a tour (esp. to those of us who have dreamed while following the blog?) I’ll be glad to bring pizza ready for cooking.:-)

  2. I am so jealous. I’ve been following since you started…this is is SO amazing.

  3. Amazing! Wonderful shots. I love the overall appearance and so many fine details. I bet you’re excited for the finishing steps, and I can only imagine how fantastic the interior is. Are you planning on running a hotel/B&B or something with all that space? It seems like such an enchanting getaway location & theme.

    • I think one day when I die it will likely turn into a B&B, that seems like the most likely scenario. It can be transferred into a family trust and kept as a B&B allowing each child to maintain ownership and an ability to visit.

      Prior to that I am interested in supplementing my income by renting it out for photos or filming, possibly for small weddings. There are MLS services for filming locations I will list it on when the landscaping is done.

      • SHARON L WYMAN says:

        What an awesome idea!!! This is just what Chattanooga needs. So excited for you.
        And what a great legacy!! And to think I saw this FB newsfeed about a castle in Chattanooga….hooked ever since from very beginning!!! Congratulations

  4. SHARON L WYMAN says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. It is absolutely beautiful!!! I am leaving Monday for my annual visit to Dayton. So I will be taking my trip up Raccoon Mt. To check out your beautiful home. Can’t wait to see the landscaping!!!

  5. MrUpwardlyMobile says:

    So awesome. It looks as good as you said it would. I can’t wait to see pictures of the final landscaping. Congrats on making your dream come true.

  6. Ishmael,

    Amazing.. simply amazing. I am yet another who has followed your trials from the beginning. If I ever hit the lottery, I will be paying you for consultation fees on the pitfalls, tips or tricks inherent in building your dream home. I rejoice in its stony completion and revel in its amazing looks. I wish you and your family many happy years dreaming your castle dreams!

  7. Such an undertaking, and such spectacular results. I love all the attention to details and authenticity, such as the properly sized crenelations and the working portcullis. I’ve also been following the blog since you began and it’s been very vicariously gratifying to watch your castle emerge from bare landscape.

    To read about your thoughts for your castle’s future is wonderful – a great legacy to leave your family and the community there! Very well done.

  8. Would love to see some more pics of the end result.

  9. Been following your build for a while though I missed a price section. Can you give an amount that this total build would cost? I know location, access to good material suppliers, good labor, etc are highly variable but still very curious.

  10. Beautiful and very inspiring. Would love to do something similar one day when I save up enough money. Any more recent updates? Thank you

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